MentorMob Meets Kiteboarding At Mai Tai Global’s Hatteras Event

About a week ago, the MentorMob team took a peek into a not so new sport that is making waves during Mai Tai Global’s Kitesurfing for Entrepreneurs event. Over three days we had the pleasure of meeting like-minded passionate people with big ideas, incredible athletes and patient teachers. server hosting ip But enough about us.

What do you know about Kitesurfing? Chances are that you know just about as much about it as we did going into it - It’s surfing with a kite.

The relatively unknown sport has been gaining popularity, but has yet to be introduced to most people’s bucket lists. I could think of a million reasons why this is the case before I went - You need an ocean, who the heck has kitesurfing equipment, seems unrealistic - but after getting to be on the board and flying through the air, it really is an experience unlike any other.

Here’s a few beginner tips for your inner daredevil for when you finally get you feet on a kitesurfing board.

Use The Internet

In the standard MentorMob fashion, we did our research, and studied the best content we could find, and it showed. Even though we didn’t physically achieve anything from watching videos and reading articles, we were quicker to learn lingo, kite setup and even faster to adjust to our instructions. When someone tells you that you need to readjust your feet, you have to know what properly adjusted feet already look like. Knowing before you go ultimately saves you so much time and money when learning, which is exactly what MentorMob is about.

Check, Double Check And Triple Check Your Set-Up

If there are people who are more advanced around you, ask them to check too! This is no place to be shy.

Trust Anyone Who Knows What They Are Doing 

Susi Mai showing she knows what she is doing.

Kitesurfing is a brilliant sport. People flying through the air, spinning, jumping and splashing into the waves. And while someone around you will likely look like that, you probably (definitely) won’t your first (few hundred) times. If you are trying to learn something new, you have to dig in deep and get your feet wet, if not completely soaked. If you are all alone in your venture, reach out to someone, online or a beach, wherever. Learning from others is just as important in action as it is online. domain hosting Take your online knowledge and apply it to a real life learning experience.

Embrace Small Milestones

One of the easiest things you can do while kitesurfing is called body dragging. You will be too happy for words when you successfully body drag. Take that small accomplishment and make it into a slightly bigger one.

Understand The Wind

Wind direction and strength doesn’t always matter so much when you are flying a kite, it does when that kite is attached to your body.

The MentorMob team would like to thank Susi Mai, Bill Tai, Ruben Lenten, REAL Watersports and everyone from the MaiTai Global event for introducing MentorMob to such a great sport. We can’t wait to see how MentorMob can help people start learning kitesurfing around the world, but until then take these tips and put them in your pocket for when you are ready to try out kitesurfing.

Oh, and if you want some more motivation to put Kitesurfing on your bucket list, check this out.

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