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Fight Cancer With Knowledge

“Each year globally, 12.7 million people learn they have cancer, and 7.6 million people die from the disease.” - Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Every

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Google Chromebooks for Education

Today’s post was co-authored by Techstars Associate Emma Holland As of 2011, more young kids know how to play a computer game than ride a

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Announcing MentorMob EDU

On 11.11.11 the MentorMob team not only survived our first road trip together—we launched the website that’s kept us addicted to learning ever since. Today, we are

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Your Name in Bright Lights

Have you always wanted to master a new skill and show it off in bright lights? Claim your name at to show off your skills.


Our New Summer Look - Get Ready for Beta

MentorMob’s got a new home page! We’re prepping for our big Beta reveal and decided we needed a new summer look. But don’t be alarmed…


Top 5 Brand Experience Videos - AOL Master Series with David Shing

MentorMob moved to NYC a month ago to join Kaplan Techstars and accelerate our work helping people stop searching and start living. And it turns out, being immersed

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MentorMob at Kaplan TechStars New York!

          MentorMob has MOVED! Kristin Demidovich    Say what?The MentorMob team will be spending the next 13 weeks in NYC participating in theKaplan/TechStars EdTech

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The Power of Social Media - eLearning Rockstars

What a school year it has been.  As we look back and recap the excitement school year 2012-2013 has brought, it’s fun to share some

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Screw Business As Usual with Virgin Unite

I never thought social media could make such a difference. But there is real power in a tweet. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest can be driving

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Who do #iEmpower?

The MentorMob and Kwagala Project #iEmpower campaign has officially launched! We’re so excited to be joining forces with people around the world and empowering the women who

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