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An Uncommon Approach to the Common Core

Guest Post by Justin W. Marquis Ph.D We live in a time of transition as the Industrial Age slowly gives way to the Information Age.

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MentorMob Innovators: Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson (@ictevangelist) is an Information and Communication Technology Coordinator at the Clevedon School in the United Kingdom. I was introduced to Mark earlier this year

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MentorMob Innovators: Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards is a Director of Sport at John Hampden Grammar School in the United Kingdom, where he’s been conducting a 1:1 ipad trial and recording

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MentorMob Innovators: Kim Wilkens - International Day of the Girl

img Girls rule The UN has set aside October 11, 2012 as the first-ever International Day of the Girl. Their goal is to recognize that

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MentorMob Innovators: Carol Mortensen - Creating the Ultimate Online Learning Center with Symbaloo

MentorMob and Symbaloo can be used together to create the ultimate interactive online learning center. Educators can combine the power of these tools to build a 24/7

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MentorMob Innovators: Tom Kramer

Attending the ISTE conference this past summer was a hoot for many reasons, but I’d say one of the greatest pleasures was meeting MentorMob Innovator Tom

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MentorMob Innovators: David Kapuler

As a direct result of David Kapuler‘s advice, I have been able to get to know more passionate life long learners than I ever thought was possible, and

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MentorMob Innovators: Justin Marquis

After reading several blogs posts by Justin Marquis, I knew that he was just the type of innovator MentorMob was looking for. He is always challenging

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MentorMob Innovators: Pat Branson

Learn all about Pat and his class by visiting his blog, Learning with my Amazing Year 10s. (As in 10th graders :) I often catch myself thinking,

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MentorMob Innovators: Bret Gosselin

You remember that line “All I ever needed to know about life I learned in kindergarten”? I’d like to coin a similar one: “All I

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