MentorMob & Partners Win at Digital Media & Learning Competition!

Last week I traveled to San Francisco with MentorMob’s illustrious co-founder, Kris Chinosorn, and partners to attend the Digital Media & Learning Competition. Ninety teams

A Call for Passionate Teachers

There’s nobody more inspiring than a passionate teacher, and no one whose help MentorMob needs more to successfully disrupt education. Which is why, if you’re

February 22, 2012 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat

DePaul Coleman Center Startup Cheat Sheet

DePaul’s Coleman Entrepreneurship Center provides savvy students and Chicago area business owners with a whole bucket load of resources. After all, a good idea is

February 06, 2012 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat

An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters

The future of social media includes not only socially shared content but socially organized content. This thoughtful information management can be done by an algorithm

January 23, 2012 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat

Political Campaign Managers’ New Weapon

The Republican primary season has been nothing if not entertaining. Poll numbers for candidates have jumped and plummeted in a matter of weeks or even

January 20, 2012 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat

Eebenezer Scrooged

New Year’s Day 2012! Time to enjoy hot chocolate by a roaring fire amid the company of family and friends. Right? WRONG! Wrong if you

January 09, 2012 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat

2011 Retrospective

2011 has been a year of geologic and political upheaval. The Arab Spring roared across the Middle East, tsunami waves slammed into Japan, and a

December 30, 2011 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat

Do Good Students make Good Citizens?

Charles here at MentorMob asked me a simple question: Will increasingly thoughtful, well-educated generations lead to a more well-educated and better functioning government and country?

December 20, 2011 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat

Don Rawitsch has a Secret

Last week Don Rawitsch, co-creator of the classic computer game The Oregon Trail, gave a talk on the remarkable longevity of his iconic project at

December 14, 2011 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat

How to Turn a Great Idea into a Great Business

Say you’re committed to starting an online business that provides donut lovers a way to share pictures, opinions, and stories about their favorite breakfast confection.

November 22, 2011 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat
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