Eebenezer Scrooged

New Year’s Day 2012! Time to enjoy hot chocolate by a roaring fire amid the company of family and friends. Right? WRONG! Wrong if you

2011 Retrospective

2011 has been a year of geologic and political upheaval. The Arab Spring roared across the Middle East, tsunami waves slammed into Japan, and a

Do Good Students make Good Citizens?

Charles here at MentorMob asked me a simple question: Will increasingly thoughtful, well-educated generations lead to a more well-educated and better functioning government and country?

Don Rawitsch has a Secret

Last week Don Rawitsch, co-creator of the classic computer game The Oregon Trail, gave a talk on the remarkable longevity of his iconic project at

How to Turn a Great Idea into a Great Business

Say you’re committed to starting an online business that provides donut lovers a way to share pictures, opinions, and stories about their favorite breakfast confection.

Look Where You’re Going

Startups typically begin their journey with a heads-down approach: crunching out product, usability testing, developing business plans, creating investor slides, and on and on…but how

MentorMob Launch Party

Friday night MentorMob celebrated its official public launch at Empire Liquors in Wicker Park. After all the dreaming, networking, and development, it was time to

How MentorMob Makes Learning Easy

At a conference like DevLearn, which is composed of the brightest thinkers and biggest companies in online learning, it was easy to get cross-eyed and

Hearing through the Static of the Information Age

So when an e-learning conventioneer tells you their company “specializes in building custom flash applications and delivering them in a variety of media platforms,” what

Networking in Sin City: The E-Learning Expo

We made it! MentorMob’s five person conference team rolled into Las Vegas late last night after conquring hundreds of miles of flat Nebraska farmland and

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