On the Road to DevLearn Las Vegas
or: 5 person car; 5 persons

This is a big month for MentorMob. We’re going live on 11/11/11. And after developing and refining the site using feedback from our most cherished

Sustainability Checklist for Entrepreneurs

So you call yourself an entrepreneur. You compulsively view the world in terms of opportunity, and you can name a dozen business ideas for products

Learning Like There’s No Tomorrow

A quiet buzz hums from the amplifier. I slowly strum an opening chord and approach the microphone. I start to groove with the music and

Journey to the Land of Buzz Marketing
(by way of Alaska)

School and work have been such a habit for me. I’ve always worked without thinking and schooled while stressing, and thus have spent the majority

Guitar Wars: Episode One

This past Sunday, I rekindled my love affair with making music. MentorMob hosted its second MobIt event at the Guitar Center in Lincoln Park, where

Embracing Start-Up Culture Shock

beep…Beep…BEEP! For eight years my routine as sales manager at a retail store began with the beeping of an alarm at 5:38 sharp. I’d wake

Ten Percent

Nine out of ten startups fail. Any aspiring entrepreneur has heard this statistic, but must constantly block it from their mind. A fellow startup-aholic and


During the Chicago Innovation Awards kick-off reception at the Landmark Grill earlier this month, I finally met a real live representative from the Disney Institute.

Step Zero

When I took “Step Zero” by quitting my cushy corporate job last year to work full time on a tech startup, I was certain about

Important People think MentorMob is Best New Concept material (!)

There’s a time for Humility, and a time for Arrogance. And right now, it’s time for Arrogance. MentorMob just won the Illinois Technology Association’s Best

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