Embracing Start-Up Culture Shock

beep…Beep…BEEP! For eight years my routine as sales manager at a retail store began with the beeping of an alarm at 5:38 sharp. I’d wake

Ten Percent

Nine out of ten startups fail. Any aspiring entrepreneur has heard this statistic, but must constantly block it from their mind. A fellow startup-aholic and


During the Chicago Innovation Awards kick-off reception at the Landmark Grill earlier this month, I finally met a real live representative from the Disney Institute.

Step Zero

When I took “Step Zero” by quitting my cushy corporate job last year to work full time on a tech startup, I was certain about

Important People think MentorMob is Best New Concept material (!)

There’s a time for Humility, and a time for Arrogance. And right now, it’s time for Arrogance. MentorMob just won the Illinois Technology Association’s Best

Postponed Due to Tornadoes

Guest columnist and MentorMob developer James recalls the decision to work full time for a start up, and the endless suffering he has consequently endured.

How to Bitch Slap the Learning Curve

I wish MentorMob had been around the first time I gave up on something challenging. But it wasn’t. Otherwise I might have had an easier

Introduction to the Mob

Walking into a MentorMob meeting is like watching the introductory montage of Ocean’s Eleven. That is, if brilliant white collar criminals met in their sock

Education Game Change

MentorMob will fundamentally change education. By building an online community where people can teach everything they know and learn anything they want, a quality education

Kangaroos are Mentors too

MentorMob has a new face, personality, and pouch. MentorMob’s mascot had to be uncommonly feisty, ambitious, and endlessly curious. So we launched a worldwide campaign

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