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This is not Goodbye!

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”  Alan Wilson Watts One

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Be Remarkable: A Take on Emerson Spartz

I had the pleasure of listening to Emerson Spartz speak at the Catapult Chicago offices last week about founding MuggleNet, the most popular Harry Potter fan site in the

October 29, 2012 Chicago Tech Events
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MentorMob Innovators: Pat Branson

Learn all about Pat and his class by visiting his blog, Learning with my Amazing Year 10s. (As in 10th graders :) I often catch myself thinking,

August 16, 2012 MentorMob Innovators
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Curiosity’s Extraordinary Landing Makes History

People around the world felt chills this past weekend as the news broke that NASA’s rover, Curiosity, successfully landed on the surface of Mars. We now have

August 10, 2012 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat
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Understanding Shakespeare with Learning Playlists

Reading Shakespeare’s Othello or Julius Caesar as a 15 year old in high school can be daunting. Even for people who love to read, understanding the

August 02, 2012 Learn, Tweet, Teach, Repeat
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Operation Energize the Classroom

Every now and then we all need a little energy boost. Enduring a seven to nine hour work day in the same chair can certainly

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Must-Have Resources for New Entrepreneurs

It’s no secret tech startups are popping up all across the country. From the San Francisco Bay area to Boulder, Colorado, to New York, entrepreneurs

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Connect Teachers, Students, and Parents with Learning Playlists

One of the greatest advantages of online resources is their ability to be accessed anywhere, anytime. After chatting personally with nearly one hundred of our

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Using MentorMob as a Content Curation Tool: A Quick Tutorial

Find Erin on Twitter @ErinMMarguerite There’s no better way to get comfortable with a new tech tool than by jumping in and using that tool! Presenting

Community Manager Update: Finding Educational Playlists for Fall

As the school year rapidly winds down, many educators in MentorMob’s community are already making lesson plans for their classes next fall. As new feature

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