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Florida Education Technology Conference Cheat Sheet

The following is a guest post by Ariel Margolis Thousands of tweets. Hundreds of educators. Tons of ideas. Lots of energy. This is how I felt

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Using the Right Tools during Connected Educator Month

Last night Eric “SuperBad” Pitt of MentorMob teamed up with BigMarker to host a webinar on emerging tech tools for the classroom—all as part of the ongoing

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Sleeping under the Stars at TechSmith’s Screencast Camp

This weekend I attended TechSmith’s Screencast Camp, which brought multifaceted educators together to share ideas about how to best use new technology. Traditional teachers and corporate trainers

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Top Ten Twitter Comments at State of NOW’s #140edu Conference

Image via Thank you to everyone we met and learned from at the #140Conf in New York! School should ignite students’ passion, curiosity, and creativity, and

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Lessons from ISTE 2012: Never be the Smartest Person in the Room

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc., is famous for surrounding himself with innovators. Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if

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Day Four of ISTE 2012: Most Memorable Moments & Final Reflections

The last time the MentorMob team road tripped from Chicago to the west coast for an #edtech conference, we were young and foolhardy enough to

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Day Two of ISTE 2012: Sir Ken Robinson’s Top Eight Insights

The prevailing mood in the education space today reminds me a little bit of Turkish coffee. Served very bitter and also very sweet (at least, the

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Day One of ISTE 2012: Top Ten Insights from 21st Century Teachers

Overheard at #ISTE12 & #SocialEdCon by Charles Perry of MentorMob The first day of the International Society of Technology in Education Conference was the most productive kind of group

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