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By Cristina Mañes Sierra Steps: 1 Views: 353

What Is Branding | History
Transmedia-Examples Of Branded Content

What is transmedia, crossmedia, narratology, cross-platform or multi-platform storytelling? This playlist is still in progress and I'll be compiling another playlist to talk about each term. For now, here are some stell...

By 2 editors Steps: 6 Views: 655

Personal Branding

This is my short playlist for personal branding to compliment my personal branding blog post for P2PU.

By Leah MacVie Steps: 5 Views: 146

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What Is Branding | History

What is Branding | History

By Cristina Mañes Sierra Playlist: Branding

Step 1

What Is Branding | History
Brand Tape

As requested, this mini tutorial goes into all the colors that brand tape makes as well as the price of the tape and where I get it. Enjoy all the tape!

By Krystal Marquez Playlist: How To Make A Duck Tape Wallet

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