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Studying Madagascar

I'm a Parent Home Educator and am putting together info & resources from around the net for this week's lesson studying Madagascar Africa and how it came to be. I'm finding a lot of good info and this is a playlist of w...

By Tina Little-Coltrane Steps: 7 Views: 3918

Map Of Madagascar - Madagascar Map, Madagascar Information - World
African Folktales

Legends, myths, folktales for storytelling.

By 4 editors Steps: 6 Views: 1796

Le Sénégal

Student projects over the culture of Senegal, a francophone country on the western coast of Africa.

By PAMELA MASS Steps: 15 Views: 1427

Le Sénégal
Water And Sanitation

Water and Sanitation is an issue in todays world, especially those of the third world countries.

By Jessica Whiteman Steps: 10 Views: 661

Ancient Civilization Pt. IV: Africa, The Kingdom Of Kush

These are the clips I would show to interest students in the ancient African Kingdom of Kush. The Animoto video I made, as a sample of what I want the students to make in their group civilization projects. Animoto dire...

By Blackboard Talk Steps: 7 Views: 141

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