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A Day In The Life Of Your Dream Job!

Follow through the days in the life of these professionals... who do you want to become when you grow up?

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Cooking With Kids

The cooking nutritionally with kids is a huge opportunity with most families. This playlist shows some interesting ways to include your children in cooking.

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How To Make Friendship Bracelets

Fun ways to connect with friends through crafts and a piece of art to share. These are the basics to friendship bracelets.

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Photo Craft With Kids

There are many different types of crafts that can be done with kids' photos and your children helping.

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Baking Tips And Help

Learn the basic easy steps on how to cook! Try not to get too messy!

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Hiking For Kids

Hiking for kids can be a fun after school project.

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The Real Luminosity In Chicago!

We are a cutting edge facility offering a broad range of services, including learning disability and attention deficit disorder assessment and remediation, executive functions training, and the latest neurofeedback techn...

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Showing Playlists 1-7 of 7 total.