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6th Grade Social Studies With Nicole Amodio Emery

This "playlist" is an introduction to topics and activities we will be going through in the class. I am new to mentor mob, so please feel free to give me any feedback regarding the site and ease of usage (or difficultie...

By nicole AModio-Emery Steps: 1 Views: 113

Ancient Greece

I can learn about the geography, politics, religion and daily life of Ancient Greece

By Geoff Hinman Steps: 6 Views: 1405

Ancient Rome

I can evaluate the history and development of ancient Rome and demonstrate how its development influenced our modern culture.

By Geoff Hinman Steps: 10 Views: 2276

What Do You Know About Ancient Rome?
Ancient Civilizations Part II: Stone Age & Agricultural Rev.

In part II of the ancient civilization series, students will learn about the Stone Age. They will also learn how nomadic life ended with the Agricultural Revolution. This playlist is compatible with grade 5 Canadian soc...

By Blackboard Talk Steps: 17 Views: 667

Showing Playlists 11-14 of 14 total.