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Ancient Civilizations Part I: Archaeology & The Stone Age

Students will learn basic facts about archeology and the Stone Age. Part of a series for teaching the grade 5 Canadian social studies curriculum.

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Ancient Civilizations Part II: Stone Age & Agricultural Rev.

In part II of the ancient civilization series, students will learn about the Stone Age. They will also learn how nomadic life ended with the Agricultural Revolution. This playlist is compatible with grade 5 Canadian soc...

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Ancient Civilizations Part III: Civilization Defined

In this part of series, students will learn what makes a civilization. It is fully compatible with the Canadian grade 5 social studies curriculum.

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Ancient Civilization Pt. IV: Africa, The Kingdom Of Kush

These are the clips I would show to interest students in the ancient African Kingdom of Kush. The Animoto video I made, as a sample of what I want the students to make in their group civilization projects. Animoto dire...

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Ancient Civilizations Pt V: Egypt

A series of video clips to show your class as you study ancient Egypt

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Ancient Civilizations Part VI: The Aztecs.

A series of clips you can use to teach your class about the Aztecs. Links to the Canadian grade 5 Social Studies curriculum.

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Ancient Civilizations Part VII: The Greeks

Video clips to supplement lessons for the grade 5 ancient civilizations unit.

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Ancient Civilizations Part VII: The Romans

A series of short clips to supplement a Grade 5 ancient civilizations unit. Everything about the Romans.

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Showing Playlists 1-8 of 8 total.