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The Legacy Of Western-Style Development & Capitalist Integration

There is a legitimized gender discrimination embedded in western-style-capitalist development which is a process that has contributed to women’s deteriorating position in many developing regions.

By Jorge Gomez-Peretz Steps: 5 Views: 100


These websites and/or videos provide useful information of gender and caste. Here, you will be able to find sources to expand knowledge on hierarchies, division of labor, patterns, changing gender role, etc.

By Kristin Ramirez Steps: 8 Views: 417

Horticultural-Subsistence System In Vanatanai Culture

Economic System and Culture

By Jorge Gomez-Peretz Steps: 5 Views: 149

Vanatinai: Horticultural, Gender- Egalitarian Society

A playlist for Anthropology: Gender and Culture, based on the economic practices and culture of the Vanatinai, as outlined in "Gender, Horticulture, and the Division of Labor on Vanatinai" by Maria Lepowsky from the book...

By Melodie Malfa Steps: 11 Views: 754

Women's Homestead Gardening In Bangladesh

Impact of development on women's lives in Bangladesh, with specific regard to homesteading (gardening) projects. Focus on gender dynamics.

By Melodie Malfa Steps: 6 Views: 270

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