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The Legacy Of Western-Style Development & Capitalist Integration

There is a legitimized gender discrimination embedded in western-style-capitalist development which is a process that has contributed to women’s deteriorating position in many developing regions.

By Jorge Gomez-Peretz Steps: 5 Views: 285

Effects Of Modernization On Women And Gender Roles

This playlist was created in order to provide the viewer with further information regarding the chapter "The Impact of Development on Women: The Interplay of Material Conditions and Gender Ideology' by Victoria Lockwood....

By Cory Reynolds Steps: 5 Views: 135

Shamans, Bodies, And Sex: Misreading A Korean Ritual

This playlist is intended for further research and background information on the themes and culture surrounding the article of the same name written by Laurel Kendall.

By Cory Reynolds Steps: 5 Views: 519

Horticultural-Subsistence System In Vanatanai Culture

Economic System and Culture

By Jorge Gomez-Peretz Steps: 5 Views: 305

Female Shamanism In Korea

An exploration of female shamans and the shamanistic practice in Korean culture.

By Kristina Forman Steps: 7 Views: 229

Zar In Northern Sudan

This playlist features articles about the Zar of northern Sudan. The zar can either be a spirit, an illness caused by a spirit, or the ritual that is carried out to pacify the spirit.

By Michael Long Steps: 6 Views: 115

Gender And Caste Divisions Of Labor In Rural Nepal

Land, Hierarchy, and the Case of the Untouchable Women

By Cory Reynolds Steps: 6 Views: 460

Showing Playlists 1-7 of 7 total.