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The IPad Bibliography

It's not hard to create your bibliography anymore!! There's an app for that! Never loose points on a paper again because your citations weren't done correctly. Honor roll, here you come!

By Alison Anderson Steps: 5 Views: 376

Apps For The Math Classroom

List of app for the math classroom.

By Lisa Durbin Steps: 12 Views: 693

Fingerpainting On The IPad

Examples of art 'fingerpainted' on the iPad using different apps

By Tania Sheko Steps: 17 Views: 1492

Apps For The Science Classroom

Apps for the Science Classroom.

By Lisa Durbin Steps: 14 Views: 885

S2-Meg Wilson-Appsolutely Accomodating

Examine accessibility features on the mobile learning devices and view a large collection of apps to help students communicate ideas, access curriculum, organize information, and track data.

By 2 editors Steps: 4 Views: 236

Apps For The Social Studies Classroom

Apps for the Social Studies Classroom

By Lisa Durbin Steps: 19 Views: 1651

Apps For Creativity! - Copy

List of resources and app featured during presentation at Denton ISD Lonestar TIA Summer 2012

By Anne Brignet Steps: 34 Views: 1077

IPad Apps For Education

A resource of iPad Apps categorized: Presentation Interactive Productivity Reference

By 2 editors Steps: 4 Views: 463

How To 'Flip' A Classroom. - Copy

If you want to know what 'flipping' a classroom is all about, then this is the playlist for you.

By Laura Peart Steps: 9 Views: 280

Teaching Maths To Children-educational Apps For Early Learners

Learn basic math skills in a fun way.

By mind shaper Steps: 6 Views: 205

Showing Playlists 11-20 of 31 total.