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Module 4 - Authentic Contexts And Quality Tasks

This playlist provides resources that develop your ability to: 1) Understand the characteristics of authentic assessment, authentic context and quality tasks 2) Identify and explain the attributes of authentic tasks and ...

By Thomas Brandt Steps: 9 Views: 701

63-GEORGE Of The "FLIPPED" Jungle

“WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE”! We will explore the beauty of flipped classroom jungle, sharing challenges faced and successes found by high school teachers along the path. Our journey will swing by video assessment, stu...

By Flipped Learning Steps: 4 Views: 131

63-GEORGE Of The
Fair Isn't Always Equal - Rick Wormeli @rickwormeli

Videos from Rick Wormeli's Fair Isn't Equal book about grading

By Carla Belyea Steps: 9 Views: 643

S3-Th-Diana Laufenberg-Creating The Classrooms We Need

Presentation of practical Classroom examples of activities and assessments and what it means to teach and learn in modern schools

By Illinois Computing Educat... Steps: 4 Views: 200

EDU 6020 Session 3

Do this playlist to learn about quality assessment construction.

By Terie Engelbrecht Steps: 12 Views: 507

Overview Of Session 3
Learning Progressions Playlist

place holder

By Thomas Brandt Steps: 4 Views: 137

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