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Quantum Mechanics, For Everyone.

This Learning Playlist introduces Quantum Mechanics at an entry level, with a short overview to begin, followed by more detailed supplementary information.

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Schrodingers Cat
Size: From Atoms To The Universe

Attempting to intrigue my 3rd grader.

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Unit 1: Atomic Theory History, Structure, Isotopes, And Ions

In this unit, you will learn about atomic theory and the scientists who developed various models, atomic structure, isotopes, and ions.

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Scholars would be able to learn all about an atom, its structure and its relationship. Scholars will also be able to read the Periodic table, determine the significance of the table's structure, what the information disp...

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Atoms And Elements

This playlist is designed to teach the Manitoba grade 9 curriculum chemistry unit.

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Atoms Introduction

Electricity and Magnetism: Current & Magnetic Field - Intorduction to basics of electricity and laws of magnetism;=PLCTGXEgcA33RB3Y7r9kr_sygNQGk8SFY7&index;=2 Electric Pote...

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History Of The Atom

Here is a brief history of the development of the Atomic Theory.

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Atomic Theory

A brief history of how our view of the atom changed as more discoveries were made!

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Chemistry Intro Stations

Let's practice techniques to help us remember some of the basic information of chemistry.

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Station 1

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