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Oceania And South Asia Questions

This playlist is designed to answer some self asked questions on Oceania and South Asia for my Geography class.

By Garek Erskine Steps: 5 Views: 202

Geography Questions On The Oceania Region

1. What are fire tornadoes and where do they occur? 2. What types of terrain is on the island Tazmania? 3. What kinds of marine wildlife are in the Polynesian islands? 4. What adaptions have the Polynesians made to bette...

By Luke Hansen Steps: 5 Views: 272

All About Australia

Will be covering questions: What are the most popular pastimes of Australians? Why is Australia's population made up along the coast? What is the biggest export of Australia? What type of government does Australia have?

By Dean Hampton Steps: 7 Views: 268


This playlist provides information about the geography of Australia

By Rich Prowse Steps: 0 Views: 0

Showing Playlists 1-4 of 4 total.