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The Agoge

This playlist will teach people about the Ancient Spartan system of education: the agoge. I developed it to assist my HSC students in preparing for their examinations.

By Keith Heggart Steps: 5 Views: 2059

Oceania And South Asia Questions

This playlist is designed to answer some self asked questions on Oceania and South Asia for my Geography class.

By Garek Erskine Steps: 5 Views: 425

Oceania And S/E Asia Q&A;

By: Tristen & Heather 1. What is Australia best known for? 2. How big is the Great Barrier Reef? 3. How did the Australian culture influence Oceania? 4. What are some push and pull factors for Australia? 5. Who first se...

By Tristen Bennett Steps: 5 Views: 1138

Civics And Citizenship

Civics and citizenship education promotes students' participation in Australia's democracy by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, values and dispositions of active and informed citizenship. It entails knowledge an...

By Tania Sheko Steps: 13 Views: 1897

All About Australia

Will be covering questions: What are the most popular pastimes of Australians? Why is Australia's population made up along the coast? What is the biggest export of Australia? What type of government does Australia have?

By Dean Hampton Steps: 7 Views: 921

More Ideas About Australia & NewZealand

An assortment of resources about various geographic topics and ideas related to Australia, New Zealand & Oceania

By Doug Hershey Steps: 5 Views: 431

Oeania & South East Asia

How powerful was Khmer in the 11th century? What are some animals living in the Outback of australia? Why did the Maori move to New Zealand?

By Brandon Clark Steps: 3 Views: 352

IT Decision Makers Lists

When you opt to work with eSalesData, you gain access to IT Decision Makers Lists and IT Executives List of US, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia that target over 150,000 key information technology executives.

By Kim Smith Steps: 1 Views: 168

Outback Snack

A little snack of things you will find and can do in Australia

By Petalac Johnson Steps: 1 Views: 118

Showing Playlists 1-9 of 9 total.