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Buying A High-End Cue

You may have already purchased an entry level cue from a sports store, but at this point, you're likely starting to look at upgrading that cue for a much more tournament ready weapon. This collection of videos and articl...

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Reddit's Cue Buying Guide
Eight Ball - Basics

This is a playlist of information that is dedicated to the basics of playing 8-ball games. It will build upon the concepts that we first covered in the beginner material and apply it to many of the strategies that interm...

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Official BCA Eight-Ball Rule Book
Competing In Pool

Whether you're on the road playing for money, playing an a league, or just a local tournament, you likely love the thrill of competition and realize that there's no better way to really improve your game than by playing ...

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Cut Shots And Rebound Rules

This playlist will be a discussion on more cutting techniques and the 30/90 degree rules.

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Eight Ball - Intermediate

This is a series of videos for the intermediate pool player looking to significantly improve their eight ball games. In this playlist we will jump further into the techniques and stategy behind Eight Ball as well as cove...

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Professional Nine Ball Matches

Watch these magicians of the table show you how it's done.

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Professional Ten Ball Games

With this new up and coming modern game of Billiards, we are seeing lots of renewed interest in playing pool. This collection of recent games will showcase some of the current best pool players in the world and show you ...

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Pool & Billiards - Introduction

This playlist is an introduction to playing pool. It will introduce new players to the game on the basics of the game and everything they need to know to get started!

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Bridges In Detail

While we briefly covered Bridges in the Grip and Stance playlist, any serious pool player should be certain that they know and understand their bridges inside and out.

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Basics Of English

This is a group of articles and videos that introduce newer players to the concept of english and using english to control the ball.

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