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Indiana Invasive Species- Chinese Mystery Snail

Mrs. Zoerhoff's 5th period class project on invasive species in Indiana.

By Matt Sibila Steps: 7 Views: 317

Asiatic Clam (Hunter Kearney)

Information and quiz on the asiatic clam.

By Hunter K Steps: 8 Views: 540

Asiatic Clam (Corbicula Fluminea)
Invasive Species: Channeled Apple Snail's

Quick invasive information on the Channeled Apple Snail.

By Nick Etter Steps: 9 Views: 519

Invasive Species Project

A playlist of the Whirling Disease

By Ross Hill Steps: 7 Views: 503

Invasive Species: Snakehead Fish

The deadly snakehead fish

By Greyson Roberts Steps: 10 Views: 832

Silver Carp In Indiana

Silver Carp are invasive species in Indiana that are distrubting the balance of the Indiana ecosystem.

By Alex Wilson Steps: 8 Views: 402

Silver Carp And Indiana Distruption
Biology Ball

We will learn how to do a lot of hand on things just by using different materials in biology. For example, dissecting frogs or worms.

By ArtisticPleasure Davis Steps: 2 Views: 361

Cells, Membranes And Environments

This sequence will investigate the relationships between internal and external environments.

By Andrea Loving Steps: 6 Views: 260

Internal And External Environments
Gypsy Moth

Information and research on the Gypsy Moth.

By Amanda Kenney Steps: 8 Views: 596

Gypsy Moth (Lymantria Dispar)
Cell Replication

This sequence investigates cell replication, how cells replicate and cell specialisation.

By Andrea Loving Steps: 10 Views: 352

Showing Playlists 21-30 of 126 total.