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Weight Training - Push/Pull Split Routines

This playlist is dedicated to covering a few different options for push/pull routines and introducing one of the classic and and original bodybuilding routines.

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Weight Training - Three Day Split

This is a playlist that talks through some basic 3-day splits for bodybuilding.

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Weight Training - Hypertrophy Advanced Info

This playlist will be dedicated to building on our previous learning about Hypertrophy and looking at it with much closer detail and from a medical standpoint. Those athletes that are very serious about their workout and...

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Weight Training - Bodybuilding Motivation

No matter how dedicated you are to your weightlifting routine, everyone needs a push every once in a while. These are a collection of videos that bodybuilders and weightlifters like to share with each other to help push ...

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Weight Training - Four Day Split Routines

This playlist will show examples of solid 4 Day split routines. The purpose of a 4 day split is to either hit each body part twice per week or to isolate body parts so that each is only hit once per week to complete fail...

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Weight Training - Intro To Hypertrophy

If you've spent any time on bodybuilding forums, fitness websites, or general weight lifting sites, you've likely hear a lot of talk about hypertrophy. This playlist will be dedicated to learning about Hypertrophy, what ...

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Weight Training - Bodybuilding With The Pros

Many bodybuilders find motivation in working out with other people. To get to the really big body building sizes, you need to see how the Pros workout and follow them along for a session. If you're not fortunate enough t...

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Weight Training - More Split Routines

This playlist will be a collection of often recommended split routines for beginner body builders. This playlist will assume that many of the weightlifters have worked through the basic starting strength or stronglifts e...

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Showing Playlists 1-8 of 8 total.