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A.CED.1 In Algebra 1

A-CED.1. Create equations and inequalities in one variable and use them to solve problems. Include equations arising from linear and quadratic functions, and simple rational and exponential functions. This playlist will...

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K-Th-Wes Fryer-Mapping Media To Curriculum/Common Core

Keynote - ICE Conference 2013 Author of "Speed of Creativity" website. Keynote presentation at ICE Conference in St. Charles, Illinois Thursday, Feb 28, 2013.

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Common Core Resources For Math Teachers

Resources to help teachers implement the Common Core State Standards and prepare for the 2014 assessments. This playlist begins very broad beginning with the Common Core Initiatives website and continues to get more spe...

By Jeanette Stein Steps: 10 Views: 2988

Common Core Math

Resources for implementing CCSS in HS math

By Crystal Kirch Steps: 7 Views: 1445

Prototype Summative Assessment Tests
S1-F-Pam Allyn- Be Core Ready:Using The 4 Doors

Be Core Ready: Using the Four Doors to the Common Core State Standards to Transform the Way We Teach Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

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Common Core Nonfiction Resources

List of resources to identify K-12 nonfiction for school libraries and classrooms.

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Understanding Ohio's SLO (Student Learning Objectives)

SLO's (Student Learning Objectives) are one way in which to gather student growth measures to help facilitate OTES (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System). SLOs are goals identified by a teacher or group of teachers that identi...

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S2-Th-F-Jennie Magiera-Integration Isn't Enough: Redefine

Explore what it means to truly redefine a learning space throught digital devices. Re-think your curriculum while maintaining growth in Common Core Standards.

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Common Core In 21st Century Ed

How are common core standards met in 21st Century Education?

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Using MAP For Lesson Planning

Use the "Class Breakdown by Goal" report to write differentiated lesson plans.

By Tricia Groben Steps: 5 Views: 404

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