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Web Design With CSS

This is a basic introduction to CSS - Cascading Style Sheets. You must first learn HTML before moving on to learning CSS. When you know how to write and format HTML so it is ready to be styled then move on to learning CS...

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CSS Syntax
How To Code In HTML

A beginner's guide to writing HTML starting with the basics and moving into the formatting of the code to make it ready to style using CSS. You must learn HTML first before moving into CSS. Although some might want to le...

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Introduction To HTML
Intro To Computer Science

What is computer science? It is a field of study that is critically important to our technologically advancing world, yet the US is experiencing epic failure in its attempts to engage and interest students, especially m...

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Intro To Robotics

Robots are no longer the stuff of science fiction, but are they really invading our lives? What can robots do for us? How do they operate? How do we program them? This playlist explores these robotic questions and more.

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Mr. Chiarelli's Key Links

The key links related to Mr. Chiarelli's Computer Studies courses

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Gender Equity Issues In Computing

There is a crisis in computer science education both in quality and access. The result of this crisis is that women and minorities are missing opportunities to advance academically and economically in a field whose emplo...

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89-Flipping An Introductory Computer Science Course - YES YOU CAN

The presenter will share their experience in implementing the flipped classroom in a freshman Computer Science undergraduate course in “Algorithmic Thinking” at a four-year college. Examples of active learning exerc...

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89-Flipping An Introductory Computer Science Course - YES YOU CAN!
Kinect2Scratch: Music, Mayhem & More

On it's own, Scratch is an amazing platform that engages students in collaboration, social practice, problem solving, creativity & systems thinking as well as empowering student agency & self-efficacy. Scratch plus a Kin...

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CoderDojo: World-wide Youth Coding Club Movement

Learn about what CoderDojo is and how you can start one in your community.

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Create A Video Game With Scratch - Copy

Creating a video game in Scratch is fun and easy! Follow this playlist to get started.

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