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Thimble Hacktivity Kit

This page lists the contents and learning objectives of the Mozilla Thimble Hacktivity Kit. These hacktivities and resources will help people learn basic concepts of HTML, CSS and the Open Web. Learners will tinker aroun...

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Creation Options

Here are some great tools that have been created to help you create content for the web.

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Упутство за коришћење МенторМоба

Научите како да креирате упутства или лекције везане за једну тему помоћу алата МенторМоб. Ово упутство је комбинација �...

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Шта је МенторМоб?
May 1st Technology Training

We're "Flipping" our Training! Please view this MentorMob Playlist before W.T. Moore's Technology Training on May 1st. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to view the direct instruction, and can use the Tech Trainin...

By Jessica Titze Steps: 6 Views: 275

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