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Digital Story Of

These are the requirements to create your digital story. Your objectives are: 1. To create a digital presentation that shows connection of a culture and spirituality. 2. To explain the value/importance of preserving the ...

By rully ronggo Steps: 8 Views: 46114

Social Reproduction: Ritual & Religion

Shamans, Bodies, and Sex: Misreading a Korean Ritual.

By Kristin Ramirez Steps: 8 Views: 1096

Oceania And S/E Asia Q&A;

By: Tristen & Heather 1. What is Australia best known for? 2. How big is the Great Barrier Reef? 3. How did the Australian culture influence Oceania? 4. What are some push and pull factors for Australia? 5. Who first se...

By Tristen Bennett Steps: 5 Views: 823


These websites and/or videos provide useful information of gender and caste. Here, you will be able to find sources to expand knowledge on hierarchies, division of labor, patterns, changing gender role, etc.

By Kristin Ramirez Steps: 8 Views: 710


The culture and motivation of your team is just as important as the people that you choose to work with.

By 2 editors Steps: 7 Views: 761

What Is Culture? What Is One Way Cultures Change?

Here are two of the ideas you should know.

By Doug Hershey Steps: 3 Views: 74

The Vanatinai's Outlook On Gender, Horticulture, And Labor.

This playlist takes a look at the people of Vanatinai and their societal and economic practices.

By Alyssa Brennen Steps: 6 Views: 78

The Grammarian's Playground: Fine Points Of Italian Grammar

Not everyone is a fan of grammar-- that is, the rules, mechanics, evolutions, and vagaries of human language. But some of us are. So this is a playlist for you! The Italian language has extraordinarily strong patterns t...

By La Professoressa Steps: 1 Views: 147


Par kult?ru About culture

By Tanja Gvozdeva Steps: 3 Views: 494

The Giriama People

A in-depth look into the Giriami Tribe of the Mijikenda Group of Kenya.

By Samira Fouladi Steps: 5 Views: 373

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 26 total.