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What Does Girls Learn International Do?

This playlists takes you through several pages, articles, websites and video to show the importance of Girls Learn International (GLI). GLI supports the empowerment of American students to create real solutions that addr...

By Girls Learn International Steps: 9 Views: 3968

Instructional Design And Technology

Instructional Designers, Course Developers, Educators: let's share ideas!

By Enzo Silva Steps: 2 Views: 574

MIT App Inventor

Making an App for Android OS is easier than you think!

By Charles Perry Steps: 7 Views: 2449

Women's Homestead Gardening In Bangladesh

Impact of development on women's lives in Bangladesh, with specific regard to homesteading (gardening) projects. Focus on gender dynamics.

By Melodie Malfa Steps: 6 Views: 234

Gender And Development In Bangladesh

This playlist takes into consideration the factors of development and modernization that effect gender differences and ideology specifically in Bangladesh, where the increasing development of production labor and capatil...

By Maiya Roseff Steps: 5 Views: 99

Showing Playlists 1-5 of 5 total.