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Google Drive And Docs For Educators

Here is a collection of resources on using Google Drive and Docs for Educators

By Rich Kiker Steps: 5 Views: 783

Motivation And Incentive Pay

Does performance pay have to potential to improve our schools?

By walter perry Steps: 5 Views: 125

Chromebooks In Education

Here are a number of resources to help schools and educators using Chromebooks to enhance teaching and learning.

By Rich Kiker Steps: 12 Views: 2806

BHS GAFE PD #2-Drive Vs Desktop

BHS GAFE PD Session - Drive vs. Desktop. In this session we reviewed some of the basic functionality, including: Drive vs. Desktop, Folders vs. Labels, & Shared vs. Private

By Leigh-Kathryn Smith Steps: 3 Views: 79

Showing Playlists 1-4 of 4 total.