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Flipped Classroom Concept 2.0 - Copy

Turning the classroom of old on end, the Flipped Classroom brings back time to teach.

By Roxann Nys Steps: 20 Views: 260

Resources For Teaching Problem Solving

This playlist will give resources when teaching the 4 Ds of Problem Solving by Ted McCain (Define, Design, Do, Debrief).

By Tricia Z Steps: 4 Views: 266

SOLO Taxonomy Explained - Copy

SOLO explained for educators with teaching examples

By Brendan Murphy Steps: 13 Views: 642

Philosophy Of Education Course With Dr. Stephen Hicks - Copy

This is series of lectures comprising a course with Dr. Stephen Hicks on the philosophy of Education.

By Tim Hedberg Steps: 15 Views: 982

PBL: My Favs

This is a list of my favorite resources to learn more about Project Based Learning. I find that once you learn what PBL is, you really need to see examples of projects to give the meaning life. As a teacher, I realize th...

By Heidi Hutchison Steps: 15 Views: 608

How To Be An Entrepreneur - Copy

Tips and strategies from people who did it ...

By Kaelyn Stieg Steps: 12 Views: 240

Should You Really Be A Startup Entrepreneur?
La Llorona

This playlist can be used to examine the Mexican folktale La Llorona for Mississippi foreign language objective 9.c. (Compare and contrast intangible products [e.g., rhymes, songs, folktales] of the target culture and th...

By Courtney Jacobsen Steps: 6 Views: 985

La Llorona Flashcards | Quizlet
MOOCS And Open Educational Resources

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) are being offered everyday for folks around the world!! These steps highlight different open learning opportunities you can don't want to miss :)

By 2 editors Steps: 3 Views: 68

Web 2.0 For Schools - Copy

A collection of educational web 2.0 resources for schools.

By Patrick Egan Steps: 51 Views: 1486

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