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What Does Girls Learn International Do?

This playlists takes you through several pages, articles, websites and video to show the importance of Girls Learn International (GLI). GLI supports the empowerment of American students to create real solutions that addr...

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Learn To Speed Read

Whether you need help reading email faster or a report for work, you can practice good speed reading

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Highlights Of Calculus

Highlights of Calculus is a series of short videos that introduces the basics of calculus—how it works and why it is important. The intended audience is high school students, college students, or anyone who might need ...

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Last Minute Study Tips For Finals

Finals are here ! Here are some tips and tools to help you study better and get the grade you want!

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Instructional Design And Technology

Instructional Designers, Course Developers, Educators: let's share ideas!

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These twelve videos on Derivatives dig deeper into the subfield of calculus known as "differential calculus." Like the overview videos, Professor Strang explains how each topic applies to real-life situations. Along with...

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Derivative Of Sin X And Cos X
Getting Ready For College - Preparation & Application

Here are resources designed to guide students through the educational process. These materials include information about preparation for college in Middle and High School, college selection and application, application f...

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