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How Parents Can Become Strong Teachers In The Home

Students spend a portion of their day in the classroom and a portion of their day at home. That means parents and teachers must share the responsibility of supporting children and teens in growing and learning. This play...

By Marisa Kaplan Steps: 13 Views: 91238

A Parent's Guide To 21st-Century Learning | Edutopia
Educational Conferences And Webinars You Shouldn't Miss

Professional Development is a slippery slope. If it is not meaningful, appropriate and engaging, it can be counter productive. Here are some conferences and webinars that will keep you on your toes, or at the very least....

By 4 editors Steps: 17 Views: 13182

TED Conferences
Flipping A Classroom

Tools that can be used to flip the classroom

By Daniel Edwards Steps: 10 Views: 13346

Google Docs: Page Settings And Printing

Learn how to configure page settings and print.

By Vince Leung Steps: 4 Views: 1039

Print And Print Preview
Future Skills Learning I

The future society and economy requires new skills, not provided by present educational systems. This playlist is a collection of reading as an introduction to the subject. Further playlists will present more readings an...

By Giorgio Bertini Steps: 5 Views: 1322

Education Is Failing The Future-makers
Google Docs: Tools

Learn the tools available when creating documents.

By Vince Leung Steps: 9 Views: 2365

Keyboard Shortcuts
Google Docs: Creating And Editing Spreadsheets

Learn to use Google's Spreadsheets.

By Vince Leung Steps: 4 Views: 980

Google Docs: Inserting Items

These are the basics in inserting items into documents.

By Vince Leung Steps: 5 Views: 1176

Inserting Links
Google Docs: Create And Edit

This playlist describes how to use Google docs to create, format, and edit documents.

By Vince Leung Steps: 7 Views: 1626

Create, Name Or Delete
The Comprehensive Guide To Google's Free Tools For Educators

A guide that contains more than 30 free google tools together with their video tutorials.

By Med Kharbach Steps: 1 Views: 268

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 60 total.