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Marcadores Sociais

selección de titoriais e información sobre algúns marcadores sociais de diferentes niveis de dificultade.

By IES Sanchez Cantón Ponte... Steps: 5 Views: 606

Stepping Stones Of ICTin Education

about the use of ICT in education

By Viljenka Savli Steps: 11 Views: 75

Using Hapara

Hapara is a fantastic tool for educators using Google Apps. Here are some of their instructional videos.

By David Paskin Steps: 4 Views: 215

Free Education Websites

Check out a few new web sites with free courses and/or free learning materials

By Rebekah Roehrs Steps: 7 Views: 854

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By Olga Markova Steps: 2 Views: 91

EdTech Blogs

Here are some blogs I find useful and check every so often to find new websites and practices.

By Thomas Kramer Steps: 4 Views: 228


Artículos propios y externos acerca de como las tic aplicadas a la educación pueden fortalecer y dinamizar la misma.

By Victor Manuel Betemi Steps: 3 Views: 76

Las TIC Y La Crisis De La Educacion
E-Learning And Digital Cultures MOOC 2013-Tunes

This is a playlist of the student created artefacts for the E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC.

By Ary Aranguiz Steps: 50 Views: 1594

Angela Towndrow
Digital Storytelling - Copy

A great tool to use as professional development or to introduce digital storytelling to a classroom.

By Anne Brignet Steps: 14 Views: 500

What Is Literacy

This path takes you on a general overview of literacy from it's general historical understanding to a more modern understanding of 21st Century Education.

By Mark Guay Steps: 3 Views: 203

Showing Playlists 21-30 of 49 total.