Educational Technology

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Educational Technology

Anything that will help educators integrate technology to engage and motivate their students to collaborate, create, and construct their learning.

By Kim Phelps Steps: 4 Views: 866

#Curation Restart Education Project

Welcome in the New Tech Age where Curation is Social Media King tell you Lucian a normal teacher who work a lot to became Social Media Curator htt...

By Lucian ECurator Steps: 24 Views: 9502

Using Technology To Maximize Instructional Time

This playlist is an organized collection of strategies designed to help teachers efficiently utilize technology as a tool for learning.

By Susan Oxnevad Steps: 5 Views: 1755

Create Screencast Tech Tutorials
Educational Tools

a summary of usefull tools we can use in the classroom or for developing new courses

By Sylvia Schouwenaars Steps: 6 Views: 984

ESafety4eTwinners Project

eSafety4eTwinners - web 2.0 and social media use eTwinners 4 preventing school dropout

By Lucian ECurator Steps: 10 Views: 2347

Thinglink For Teaching & Learning

View samples of ways to use Thinglink, a tool for creating interactive multimedia supported graphics, for teaching and learning

By Susan Oxnevad Steps: 13 Views: 10348

Article: What Is Thinglink?

Diferentes paginas donde trabajar la ortografía en el aula

By Javi Gerico Steps: 8 Views: 926

Technology In The Foreign Language Classroom

How- to's, resources, ideas, examples, tools to incorporate technology into the foreign language classroom

By Emilia Carrillo Steps: 9 Views: 2637

Kindergarten Gaming

Check out the kinds of games we are using each day in Kindergarten!

By 2 editors Steps: 8 Views: 205349
Education Trends

What is happening on college campuses to better meet the needs of 21st Century students?

By Nancy Pleasant Sturm Steps: 5 Views: 399

Showing Playlists 11-20 of 87 total.