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Thinglink For Teaching & Learning - Copy

View samples of ways to use Thinglink, a tool for creating interactive multimedia supported graphics, for teaching and learning

By Anne Brignet Steps: 13 Views: 425

How Parents Can Become Strong Teachers In The Home - Copy

Students spend a portion of their day in the classroom and a portion of their day at home. That means parents and teachers must share the responsibility of supporting children and teens in growing and learning. This play...

By Bonnie Parmelee Steps: 13 Views: 526

A Parent's Guide To 21st-Century Learning | Edutopia
Magic Pathshala Teaching Style

Magic Pathshala is the Most Fun Place to Learn! Free curriculum-based content for Maths, Maths in Hindi and English taught through movies, games, worksheets, activities, interactive videos and comics!

By Garima Shah Steps: 1 Views: 16

Educational Technology For K-12 - Copy

This playlist is compiled for parents and teachers who want to use technology to support learning at school and at home, but don't quite know where to start.

By Laura Haller Steps: 10 Views: 314

Kindergarten Gaming - Copy

Check out the kinds of games we are using each day in Kindergarten!

By Anne Brignet Steps: 8 Views: 1014

Technology In Education-Resources For Educators

Classteacher Learning Systems are pioneers in interactive classroom technology in India, offering digital classrooms solutions to over 850 schools, 1 million students and 25,000 educators all across India. Founded in 199...

By mind shaper Steps: 16 Views: 584

Web 2.0 For Schools - Copy

A collection of educational web 2.0 resources for schools.

By Alan Gwynn Steps: 51 Views: 345

Showing Playlists 81-87 of 87 total.