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How Parents Can Become Strong Teachers In The Home

Students spend a portion of their day in the classroom and a portion of their day at home. That means parents and teachers must share the responsibility of supporting children and teens in growing and learning. This play...

By Marisa Kaplan Steps: 13 Views: 41490

A Parent's Guide To 21st-Century Learning | Edutopia
Flipping A Classroom

Tools that can be used to flip the classroom

By Daniel Edwards Steps: 10 Views: 13690

IPads In Education

In support of a 1:1 iPad programme in school

By Daniel Edwards Steps: 7 Views: 4093

Using Technology To Maximize Instructional Time

This playlist is an organized collection of strategies designed to help teachers efficiently utilize technology as a tool for learning.

By Susan Oxnevad Steps: 5 Views: 1553

Create Screencast Tech Tutorials
Thinglink For Teaching & Learning

View samples of ways to use Thinglink, a tool for creating interactive multimedia supported graphics, for teaching and learning

By Susan Oxnevad Steps: 13 Views: 8834

Article: What Is Thinglink?
Kindergarten Gaming

Check out the kinds of games we are using each day in Kindergarten!

By 2 editors Steps: 8 Views: 161584
Education Trends

What is happening on college campuses to better meet the needs of 21st Century students?

By Nancy Pleasant Sturm Steps: 5 Views: 357

Intro To Flow In Games

There's been a lot of talk recently about gamification, which is the intersection of game mechanics & technology used to make traditionally non-game activities more engaging. Many in education are looking to gamificati...

By Kim Wilkens Steps: 6 Views: 944

Synesthesia Quest 2012: A Virtual Workshop

This virtual workshop will be “open” during the entire SIDLIT conference (and afterwards also). All SIDLIT attendees are invited to both participate and contribute to Synesthesia Quest 2012; an online montage of tech...

By Jonathan Bacon Steps: 25 Views: 1526

Blogs In Curation Restart Education Project

Curation Restart Education Project

By Lucian ECurator Steps: 11 Views: 1157

MY RESEARCH AND TOP 10 WEB 2.0 TOOLS IN XXI CENTURY EDUCATION With Http:// #Curation Restart Education

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 25 total.