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Internet Literacy - Expository Text

There is a wealth of information online. See links for gaining literacy in sorting, prioritizing and accessing meaning from various types of information, including text, images and video.

By Nancy Caramanico Steps: 15 Views: 686

Characters In 'Night' By Eli Weisel

Learn the basics about the characters in this novel and test your knowledge

By Erin Weightman Steps: 4 Views: 10

Adjectives - Lesson 1

This playlist teaches people to identify adjectives, as well as to use them effectively.

By Keith Heggart Steps: 2 Views: 139

What Are Adjectives?
Themes In The Novel 'Night'?

Learn more about the themes and motifs in 'Night' and test your understanding.

By Erin Weightman Steps: 4 Views: 5

Web 2.0 Tools For Teaching Literary Elements

A Playlist for K-12 English Language Arts teachers of web 2.0 tools which support the teaching of literary elements

By Ary Aranguiz Steps: 2 Views: 109

How To Annotate

A series of resources to help develop your understanding and skills in annotating resources related to the study of persuasive language

By Erin Weightman Steps: 5 Views: 307

Spoken Word

This collection will explain the history of spoken word.

By Benjamin Alisuag Steps: 1 Views: 36



By Vijay Ananth Steps: 1 Views: 71

How To Improve Vocabulary?
Sentence Structure Lesson 2

This lesson continues on from the previous lesson by providing more examples of simple, complex and compound sentences. Students will learn to distinguish

By Keith Heggart Steps: 4 Views: 764

Sentence Structure: Lesson 2
The Best Of Cheryl And Andrew

In this playlist is documented the videos, posts, and other important media produced by Thomasson Morris Instruction.

By Thomasson Morris Instruct... Steps: 10 Views: 403

Showing Playlists 31-40 of 44 total.