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Simple Past - Regular And Irregular Verbs

Simple past tense - Passado Simples

By Valdeny Santos Steps: 8 Views: 4383

The Simple Past Tense | Inglês VIP

These are pieces that may be used in a classroom setting

By paula dalponte Steps: 0 Views: 0

Apostrophes - Lesson 1

This teaches students how to correctly use apostrophes, including how to use them to illustrate possession or contractions. The tricky 'it's' and 'its' are also addressed.

By Keith Heggart Steps: 4 Views: 568

How To Use Apostrophes

Short overview of the Scottish Play- Shakespeare.

By Louise Robinson-Lay Steps: 12 Views: 3773

A Look At Shakespeare

This will take you through the life and works of one of the most prolific, inventive and inspirational writers ever.

By 2 editors Steps: 5 Views: 397

Adverbs - Lesson 1

This lesson teaches students how to identify and use adverbs correctly.

By Keith Heggart Steps: 2 Views: 181

What Are Adverbs?
To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summaries: ASL

These are chapter summaries for the book: To Kill a Mockingbird. These summaries are done in ASL for deaf students who need more support with the novel.

By Tamara Copeland-Samaripa Steps: 26 Views: 797

The Play's The Thing!

Use these online resources to help you with your Shakespeare work.

By Kristina Campea Steps: 15 Views: 360

English Out There Free Lesson

This is a free English Out There lesson...have a go!

By Jason West Steps: 0 Views: 0

Adjectives - Lesson 1

This playlist teaches people to identify adjectives, as well as to use them effectively.

By Keith Heggart Steps: 2 Views: 108

What Are Adjectives?

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 22 total.