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Simple Past - Regular And Irregular Verbs

Simple past tense - Passado Simples

By Valdeny Santos Steps: 8 Views: 7393

The Simple Past Tense | Inglês VIP
Verb To Be - Present

O verbo to be significa ser e estar em português e, além desses dois significados, este verbo é muito usado no sentido de ficar (tornar-se).

By Valdeny Santos Steps: 9 Views: 4233

AULA DE INGLÊS 5 - Verb To Be - Felipe Dib
ESL English As A Second Language

Follow Teacher Phil as leads you through some basic ways to teach or learn English!

By Krystal Marquez Steps: 10 Views: 2529

Unit 6 Lesson 2 (direct And Indirect Questions/subject Questions)

Total English - UI, unit 6,l lesson 2

By Gregory Kisseberth Steps: 10 Views: 2158

7.3 Passive Causative (have Something Done)

Unit 7.3 - Causative Passive

By Gregory Kisseberth Steps: 9 Views: 5204

7.3 Passive Causative (have Or Get Something Done)
7.2 Passives

Form an use of the Passive voice

By Gregory Kisseberth Steps: 9 Views: 1566


We will go over a controversial topic in order to practice a structure seen in class in a practical and funny way. We will also integrate all the skills.

By Claudio Cajes Steps: 6 Views: 541

Paragraph Structure

Learn how good paragraphs are built.

By Gregory Kisseberth Steps: 6 Views: 4007

Unit 1

Weather vocabulary and Grammar- present simple and present continuous

By Gregory Kisseberth Steps: 10 Views: 1471

Uni 7.1 (Countable And Uncountable Nouns)

Countable and Uncountable Nouns / quantifiers / “little” vs “a little” and “few” vs “a few”

By Gregory Kisseberth Steps: 12 Views: 1800

7.1 Intro

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 24 total.