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Building A-Startup, A-Team And A-SocialMedia Platform.

Startuppers, who wants to create and build a better his-herself, an organisation and his/her vision. Startup must be lean and agile at the beginning but fat and agile at the end from investment rounds. And the entreprene...

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Build You And Your Platform With Personal Brand Within The Social Media Landscape
Keep Up With All The Startup Buzz

Here's a great list of blogs and websites that bring you up-to-the-minute information on what's happening in Chicago's startup scene. Great way to interact and join the conversation.

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Show Me The Money: Everything Funding For Your Startup

Securing adequate funding is crucial for the growth and stability of your startup. Learn this playlist to arm yourself with the knowledge needed to get the funds that will enable you to turn red accounts into black ones.

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Books On Startups And Entrepreneurship

Whether it's on your Kindle, iPad or paperback, here is a notable list of books full of information every aspiring entrepreneur should digest.

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Entrepreneurial Organizations And Communities

Here's a list of great organizations and communities to follow, interact with, and learn from

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Creating Business Ideas, Finding Business Opportunities

Want to be your own boss, but don't know where to start? This playlist will serve as an introduction to coming up with business ideas and learning how to recognize opportunities that already exist in the marketplace.

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The Benefits Of Working In Teams

We've all heard of the big company that started as two guys in their garage, but these days, with startup organizations and incubators, more and more success stories seem to feature companies that built their success fro...

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Top Spots For Chicago Entrepreneurs

Chicago's startup scene is booming! As a result, a number of entrepreneur-support organizations have joined the scene in an effort to provide entrepreneurs everything they need to be successful. Each offering a unique pe...

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Famous Nevadan Males Entrepreneur Alexander Dawson School

This is a playlist of famous Nevadan males. In this playlist we will cover exciting entrepreneurs.

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Funding Your Business Or Non-Profit

For some Entrepreneurs, startup capital needs are minimal and for others, it's more involved. There are sources of funding beyond the obvious options such as loans, credit card financing, and funding from friends and fam...

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