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Entrepreneurship Unit

What is entrepreneurship? What are the attributes and burdens of entrepreneurship? What are some examples of entrepreneurs? Complete a survey on entrepreneurship. Brainstorm a business idea and pitch your idea on present...

By Bernd Meyer Steps: 8 Views: 900

Introduction To Unit Task
Early Adopters


By Eric Pitt Steps: 3 Views: 58

MeetAdvisors Wrap Up

Here are all our posts from our community blog in one quick playlist

By Meet Advisors Steps: 4 Views: 175

Is This What You Were Looking For? HOVR.IT Turns Images Into Shoppable Links
Customer Development


By Eric Pitt Steps: 7 Views: 151

LinkedIn For Personsal Use


By Kate Schaefer Steps: 6 Views: 109

Public Relations

How to leverage public relations to take your company to the next level.

By 3 editors Steps: 11 Views: 613

Pitch Deck


By Seth Kravitz Steps: 6 Views: 179

Showing Playlists 61-70 of 75 total.