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Making Animoto Videos

How to make a vocabulary video using animoto

By Bret Gosselin Jirafales Steps: 6 Views: 2600

Learning Web Tools

Find the most engaging web tools for teachers and students to be creative and productive in class.

By Carlos Reyes Steps: 7 Views: 3163

The Best Websites For Teaching Writing

Ideas and activities for developing students' writing skill.

By Baiba Svenca Steps: 15 Views: 9747

Writing Activities |
The Best Websites For Developing Listening Skills

Audio resources for practicing and improving listening skills, elementary to advanced

By Baiba Svenca Steps: 13 Views: 40198

LearnEnglish | British Council
The Best Websites For Grammar Activities

Study, review and practice grammar online

By Baiba Svenca Steps: 14 Views: 32427

Clothes Vocabulary

Do these activities to learn more vocabulary about clothes in English

By Michael Simpson Steps: 8 Views: 1753

1st And 2nd Conditional

Practise the 1st and 2nd Conditional forms.

By Michael Simpson Steps: 5 Views: 3065


Practise forming and using comparative structures in English.

By Michael Simpson Steps: 6 Views: 1193

Superlatives Etc

Some exercises about superlatives and comparatives

By Michael Simpson Steps: 7 Views: 1068

55-Flipping The Teacher Education Classroom

The presenter demonstrates how to set up an effective, user-friendly and cognitively demanding flipped classroom for a university teacher preparation program. She shares how flipped learning resulted in increased compreh...

By 2 editors Steps: 10 Views: 1041

55-Flipping The Teacher Education Classroom

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 51 total.