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Clothes Vocabulary

Do these activities to learn more vocabulary about clothes in English

By Michael Simpson Steps: 8 Views: 1719

1st And 2nd Conditional

Practise the 1st and 2nd Conditional forms.

By Michael Simpson Steps: 5 Views: 2920

Superlatives Etc

Some exercises about superlatives and comparatives

By Michael Simpson Steps: 7 Views: 1050


Practise forming and using comparative structures in English.

By Michael Simpson Steps: 6 Views: 1183

Word Sort

Use these charts to sort your new vocabulary words

By Bret Gosselin Jirafales Steps: 4 Views: 1077


Modal verbs & other expressions to talk about PERMISSION , OBLIGATION & NECESSITY

By alan murray Steps: 7 Views: 516

Complete Modal Verb Tutorial With Exercises
Exceptional Expressions: Attentive

Review of the Exceptional Expression - Attentive.

By Megan Zlatos Steps: 10 Views: 854

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs are one of the secrets to English fluency. Here is some knowledge regarding phrasal verbs.

By TikTalk English Steps: 8 Views: 300

Intro To Prepositions

Prepositions can be confusing. Let's settle our doubts together!!

By TikTalk English Steps: 6 Views: 365

Aula De Inglês TO Vs. FOR - Aula 68
Jobs And Occupations

Vocabulary activities for esl students.

By Michael Simpson Steps: 3 Views: 325

Occupations 1 | Learning Chocolate

Showing Playlists 1-10 of 28 total.