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Some Excel 2010 Basics

Some very short help videos for Excel 2010, and a link to the Microsoft training page for further training

By Phil Ackroyd Steps: 5 Views: 1388

Yr 9 Commerce - Excel Spreadsheets

This series of videos is designed to guide Year 9 Commerce students through the design and creation of an Excel spreadsheet and graph for their assessment task

By Colin Edmondson Steps: 6 Views: 880

Microsoft Excel - Formulas And Graph

Videos offering basic information on formulas and how to create a chart to more advanced formulas and how to create custom formulas.

By Karen Bowden Steps: 9 Views: 830

7th Grade Computers - Excel

Videos showing how to use Excel

By Joe Douglas Steps: 1 Views: 215

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010

videos for learning microsoft excel

By Joe Douglas Steps: 2 Views: 391

Showing Playlists 1-5 of 5 total.