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Transmedia-Examples Of Branded Content

What is transmedia, crossmedia, narratology, cross-platform or multi-platform storytelling? This playlist is still in progress and I'll be compiling another playlist to talk about each term. For now, here are some stell...

By 2 editors Steps: 6 Views: 1246

Making Documentaries In Middle School

The steps for making a quality production with Middle School students. First, for choosing a specific and significant learning experience, then documenting it and finally sharing it in a meaningful way with the communit...

By Alison Anderson Steps: 6 Views: 1189

Newton's Laws Of Motion

See all the 3 laws of Newton in entertaining & animated science videos from makemegenius,com

By Make Me A Genius Steps: 4 Views: 361

Showing Playlists 1-3 of 3 total.