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Chi Running Technique

Chi Running is a technique that was developed to help runners log distance without the pain that comes along with that distance. Very similar to POSE running, Chi running is another technique that can help runners re-adj...

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Pronation And Supination

The longer an athlete trains for distance running, the more they will learn about the way that feet work and how different shoes correspond to their feet. An important topic that must be discussed is over-pronation and s...

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Running The 5k

If you're getting comfortable running for exercise and are starting to think about signing up for an event, your first race should be the 5k! The moment you run and finish your first 5k you will understand why the hobby ...

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Alternate Day Fasting

Learning more about Alternate Day Fasting.

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Running Basics

This playlist is dedicated to teaching anyone, no matter what their level of fitness is, how to get into running and how to get started. In it's simplest form, all you really need to run is a pair of shoes and some worko...

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Barefoot Running Technique

While very controversial, one of the biggest movements in running has been the barefoot running movement. This will be a collection of videos and articles that explain, why you would want to try barefoot running, the sci...

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POSE Running Technique

There are many different styles of forefoot running. POSE running has been developed to help runners learn the proper technique to change their running style to forefoot running so that they prevent injury.

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Running - Running Form

This playlist will start to introduce new runners to proper running form and the various running techniques. This will not show them everything they need to know to run with proper form, but will provide runners with a s...

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Half Marathon

If you're already a seasoned runner or you've been able to work your way through all of the 5K and beginner training programs, it's time to start setting your sights on a half marathon. This playlist will help you get pr...

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Running - Tech Gear

For the serious runner, a pair of shoes and a playlist is not enough to get them into the elite tiers or athletes. When you start getting getting serious about your running, you'll want to start looking into tech gear th...

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