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#Flipclass Chat 5/21/12

What activities have been the most beneficial to your students since switching/trying a #flipclass? Shared sources from this week

By Eric Pitt Steps: 13 Views: 2105

#FlipClass Chat 5/14/12

Recap of the sources shared on the #FlipClass chat, in case you missed it. The topic: "With such a focus on tech, how do you teach/encourage reading/writing in your flipped class"?

By Eric Pitt Steps: 6 Views: 977

Over Easy: Flipping Your Classroom

This playlist will introduce teachers to ...

By Joann McRell Steps: 9 Views: 358

Resources To CYOFF

My treasured flip class resources

By Emilia Carrillo Steps: 11 Views: 2070

The Many Faces Of The Flipped Classroom

The "flipped classroom" is the hot buzzword of education circles recently, but is it just another fad or something that can really improve how teachers teach and how students learn? For teachers and administrators who w...

By Dan Spencer Steps: 18 Views: 3180

#Flipclass August News Articles

Articles I've come across that peaked my interest...

By Crystal Kirch Steps: 1 Views: 104

#flipclass August 2012 Blog Posts

Super cool and not cheesebuckety blog posts that I found

By Crystal Kirch Steps: 3 Views: 838

Creating An ITunes Podcast

How to easily create a podcast in iTunes using

By Stacey Roshan Steps: 1 Views: 112

The Best Of Cheryl And Andrew

In this playlist is documented the videos, posts, and other important media produced by Thomasson Morris Instruction.

By Thomasson Morris Instruct... Steps: 10 Views: 455

Over Easy: Flipping Your Classroom - Copy

This playlist will introduce teachers to ...

By Laura Albertson Steps: 9 Views: 218

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