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31-Flip Or Flop: Moodle And The Mastery Classroom- Chris Luker
9-Finesse The Flip With Edmodo & Google Drive

As teachers become skilled at creating flipped content, they face the challenges of storing, organizing and presenting their content in ways that will streamline learning. Learn it here.

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Session Description
15- Flipping Multiple Sections: Lessons Learned- Jerry Overmyer

This presentation will present results of the presenter’s doctoral dissertation and research-backed advice for flipping multiple sections of the same course. This quantitative research compared 5 sections of college al...

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15- Flipping Multiple Sections: Dos And Don'ts - Jerry Overmyer
25-YouTube Interactive - Jac De Haan

Using YouTube to create an interactive video

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YouTube Interactive - Jac De Haan
The Many Faces Of The Flipped Classroom - Video Clips

A glimpse into some flipped classrooms, including reflections & thoughts by teachers and students.

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