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Trésors Du Temps étapes 1 Et 2

Student overview projects over chapters 1 and 2 from Trésors du temps.

By PAMELA MASS Steps: 5 Views: 468

Allez Viens! Chapitre 01 - Faisons Connaissance!

Watch this video for Chapter 1, and be prepared to answer the corresponding questions in class. Then, complete the exercises that follow.

By Richard de Meij Steps: 6 Views: 424

Students Talk About Flipped French Class

Listen to what middle schoolers say about their flipped French class: the online lessons, their choice of activities, engagement, and project based learning.

By Ellen Dill Steps: 1 Views: 163

Choice Boards

These are sample choices given to students as project choices after doing flipped lessons in French

By Ellen Dill Steps: 1 Views: 257

17. Choice Boards - Coco Chanel? Chapitre 7 Les Vêtements-Choice Board
Choice Board 2

This Choice Boards is for Bon Voyage Chapitre 5

By Ellen Dill Steps: 1 Views: 127

17. Choice Board 2 - Le Corps Et La Santé Project Sample
Pronoms Relatifs Simples

Introduction aux pronoms relatifs simples : qui, que, où, dont

By Elizabeth Caspari Steps: 9 Views: 5139

Dormir, Sortir, Partir

Student projects demonstrating the verbs dormir, sortir, and partir

By PAMELA MASS Steps: 4 Views: 89

Kelli, Adan, Zoey
Regional French Cuisine

A collection of websites and resources for Year 8 French and their cultural assignment.

By Fiona Boughey Steps: 7 Views: 905

Assessment Notification
Why Learn French?

This is a collection of projects completed by students in French 3 and French 4, with the target audience French 1 and students not yet taking French. Watch and be convinced!

By PAMELA MASS Steps: 6 Views: 444

French Numbers - 1 Through 20

Counting in French, through a song, a chant and repetition.

By Richard de Meij Steps: 3 Views: 438

Showing Playlists 11-20 of 43 total.